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About Us

Who We Are

Society for International Education (SIE) is a non-profit, non-government Karachi based educational society, dedicated to the development of global partnerships in education, capacity building of learning communities based on the effective use of Information Communication Technology (ICT), English Language, teacher Development, Youth Leadership for Pakistan and rest of the globe.  Society for International Education (SIE), is running and managing different projects and programs. These programs reach extensively to communities, schools, educators and students from a wide geographical region of Pakistan, including remote and underprivileged areas and communities. SIE has had tremendous success implementing several educational and ICT programs for educational development and capacity building nationwide. SIE partner schools who are actively participating in these projects, have received very positive outcomes in the form of students’ learning and confidence. SIE runs and manages different projects and programs. iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) is the project that SIE started first and it is an ongoing project.


'Together for a better world'


'Empower individuals and communities to think, learn, share and grow for a better world by creating innovative opportunities'

  • Integrate 21st century technologies, and best practices in K-12 educational programs

  • Initiate, develop and implement innovative educational and capacity building opportunities for schools, teachers, students and interested individuals

  • Provide local and international professional and leadership development opportunities

  • Design and publish teaching, learning and media resources

  • Enhance students’ language skills and performance in various disciplines

  • Introduce individuals and communities to learn and utilize latest communication tools and skills

  • Provide a platform to all for engaging in global discussion and dialogue

  • Implement and support cross cultural exchange projects and programs leading people-to-people connection

  • Support people to engage proactively in their communities through volunteering and community service.

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