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Asking the Right Question – SIE Professional Development Program

SIE professional development workshop on “Asking the Right Question” was held at Globe – the SIE Training Centre on October 19, 2019. Eighteen teachers from different school of Karachi registered for this workshop. When it comes to classroom, the importance of asking questions is even greater for both children and teachers. In this workshop teachers were trained how to ask the right questions in classroom which can stir the meta-cognitive skills of the students. Through different activities and group discussions, the teachers were taught how and what kind of questions can trigger critical thinking among students. The difference between good questions and poor questions were taught to them so that they can ask good questions which can boost cognitive rigor in students. Through Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK), the teachers learnt the four levels of questions. They were also taught what level of questions lead to what kind of answers. They applied Webb’s Depth of Knowledge on different topics from different subjects which gave them a better understanding of the process. One of the teachers said, “Webb’s Depth of Knowledge can help me ask better questions in my classroom.”

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