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English Access Microscholarship Program

Society for International Education re-launched another phase of English Access Microscholarship Program in September 2019 at KMA Girls Secondary School, Lyari where 150 students are selected to participate. English Access Microscholarship Program provides foundation of English Language to students aged 13-18 years old. This program improves language skills as well as leadership skills in students from under served community that lead to better jobs and educational opportunities for them. So far the students have participated in several fun-filled language-based activities of Module-1 which provides basic understanding of the English Language to students. Through different interactive activities students get to learn grammar, improve their vocabulary, boost their confidence, while making them better public speakers on the way. In the past month students have celebrated International Day of Democracy, International Day of Peace, International Day of Sign Language, International Day of Translation, International Day of Girl Child, World Mental Health Day, and World Food Day. The students learn a great deal about important global issues through these activities. The activities arranged for students on these days, often led by students themselves, turn them into better, more aware, empathetic and responsible member of the society while improving their Language Skills.

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