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Workshop on Urdu Vocabulary-SIE Professional Development Program

SIE professional development workshop on “Urdu Vocabulary” was held at Globe – the SIE Training Centre on October 19, 2019. Eleven teachers from different school of Karachi registered for this workshop With the penetration of other cultures through media and our colonial past, Urdu language is mostly influenced by words from other languages. Despite this fact that Urdu is our national language, students don’t have very good vocabulary. Although children learn a lot of words through media and entertainment sources, which can be utilized as a good source for building vocabulary. The job of a teacher is to build on this already accumulated acquired Urdu vocabularies. In this workshop, teachers were provided guidelines how to teach Urdu vocabularies through different interactive sessions in their classes. With the help of excerpts from books and verses from national songs teaching Urdu vocabularies can be interesting for the students. Connecting the words with the history and Urdu poems One of the teachers said, “Using national songs “mili naghma’ to teach Urdu is a good idea because these songs are known by the students which makes the classroom interesting, and it ultimately makes learning Urdu easier for the students.”

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