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SIE Professional Development Workshop on" Teaching Math with Technology"

A professional development workshop “Teaching Math with Technology” was held at Globe – the SIE Training Centre on October 12, 2019. Eleven teachers from different school of Karachi attended the workshop. The use of technology in Math classrooms strengthens Mathematics teaching and learning process. Teachers should be trained to use technology effectively in order to make learning easier for students and to develop their understanding and stimulate their interest in the field of Mathematics. If used properly, technology can empower teachers to provide more focused and quick learning instructions. To achieve desired objectives and outcomes, the technology tools and techniques should be incorporated in the lesson planning. This workshop focused on both these an aspects of teaching Math with technology. Right from the planning till the implementation, a complete learning cycle of a topic was discussed while introducing latest interactive tools available for mathematics on the way. These included various online tools and resources as well as other Mathematics software programs that are easily available for use of educators and for students to utilize them in the classrooms. Besides that some tools for setting Mathematics exam papers and quizzes were also introduced to make them more interactive. One of the participants said, “These techniques are useful in my practical work life.” Through mini projects the participants used these tools and got a hands on practice of every concept taught. The participants left the workshop with a wealth of information that they can utilize in their practical day to day life in classroom.

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