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The U.S. Summer Sisters Exchange Program- Reentry Seminar 2019

Islamabad, October 7th, 2019: Guests from the US Embassy, staff at Society for International Education, and alumni of the U.S. Summer Sisters Exchange Program 2019 celebrated another successful batch of the Summer Sisters Program 2019 at the Re-Entry Seminar here on Monday. The 24 girls attended American University, Babson College, Emory College, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Harvard University, Smith College, Brown University, University of Chicago, Duke University, National Student Leadership Conference, Syracuse University and Washington University during the summer of 2019. The alumni of the Summer Sisters 2019, among other things also discussed ways they can become mentors for the upcoming batch of Summer Sisters, and ideas they will become ambassador of the program in their schools encouraging other girls in the application of the program. American University in partnership with iEARN, has been running the Summer Sisters Exchange Program successfully for the past four years in Pakistan. The U.S. Summer Sisters Exchange program aims at empowering women for Pakistan. Lisa Swenarski, Cultural Affairs Officer; Marcia Outlaw, Assistant Cultural Attaché from US Embassy Islamabad and Vitessa Del Prete; Chief, Afghanistan and Pakistan Grants/Programs, Office of Press and Public Diplomacy at US Department of State heard presentations from girls who attended various programs in the prestigious U.S. universities. “When you went to United States you not only helped yourself in learning the new culture and education system but also helped Americans learn about you.” Lisa Swenarski, Cultural Affairs Officer- US Embassy Islamabad. The girls talked about their experience, academic and personal achievements, and differences between the two countries, their future goals and learning through the program. Their narrative about their program was recorded in the form of a booklet distributed at the event. The Seminar was part of Reentry Program that constituted of a workshop earlier, where recent alumni were made aware of ways through which they may give to their communities, how to apply for grants, get membership registration for PUAN as well as learning to motivate others for good cause and being a leader. The U.S. Summer Sister Exchange Program offers high school females an opportunity to attend pre-college summer programs at prestigious American universities. The exchange is now part of “Let Girls Learn” initiative, funded by the U.S. Department of State and is administered by a consortium of partners, including American University, iEARN and the Society for International Education. The U.S.- Summer Sisters Summer Exchange Program encourages gifted female high school students to imagine more for their future by allowing them to study science, leadership, international affairs, among others topics, at U.S. universities. Through the generous support of the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan, and the academic partners, Summer Sisters participants have developed leadership skills, gained confidence to invest in their future, and served as cultural ambassadors to the United States.

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